Hello 👋 I'm Shay Cohen Ambalo

I'm a self-taught designer with a B.A. in Psychology & UX. I'm dedicated to using technology for impactful designs, combining psychological insights with UX principles. My expertise includes in-depth research and skillfully blending functionality and creativity into each project.

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Currently Working

🐣 Collaborating with Omer Aviram to develop a platform for junior UX designers. The platform will empower them to thrive in the UX world.


📹 Working with a partner to enhance the UX of a platform for diverse content creators, including videographers and other professionals. The focus is on creating intuitive interactions.

My Projects


What do I offer?

I employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct user research and interaction design, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the user's needs. I create intuitive information architecture, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes based on my research insights data.