UX Designer & Researcher

🧠 B.A. in Psychology & UX.
👨‍🏫 Teaching Assistant in UX courses @MTA.
💼  Developing a platform designed to empower UX people.

Recent Projects

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Delivering solutions that meet both user and business needs.


Recent Projects


What I do best?


UX Research

Using quantitative & qualitative methods, like surveys, interviews & usability testing to understand user needs and behaviors.

Information Architecture

Organizing content logically to create intuitive navigation that meets user requirements and aligns with business needs.

Product Strategy and Execution

Merging technology, design, and business strategies to manage the product lifecycle, from the discovery to delivery.

Interaction Design

Focusing on UCD by developing user flows, wireframes, and prototypes. These help me ensure that interactions are intuitive and align with how users think and behave.